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Flowers and Bouquets for Mom

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In every mom’s life, there are moments filled with special warmth and care, when we want to tell her about our love and gratitude. For these unforgettable moments, Urban Bloom’s floristry studio presents an exclusive collection of premium bouquets and floral compositions specially created for moms.

Exclusivity of Every Moment

Urban Bloom is not just a floristry studio; it's a place where flowers speak from heart to heart. Our signature collection for moms includes both ready-made bouquet options and the possibility to create unique floral compositions tailored to individual requirements and preferences.

Premium Class Signature Bouquets

Every bouquet from Urban Bloom is a work of art, inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of motherly love. We use only the finest, carefully selected flowers to create something truly special and memorable.


Your mom deserves a special approach, and we are ready to offer just that. At Urban Bloom, you can order a floral composition fully tailored to your mom's personal preferences and style. Our florists will listen to your wishes and create a bouquet that will surely win her heart.

Careful Delivery

Understanding that sometimes you cannot deliver the bouquet in person, Urban Bloom offers a fully remote delivery service. Your gift will be carefully packaged in an aquabox and delivered directly to your mom's hands at a convenient time for her, whether at home or at work, throughout Prague and the Czech Republic. It's convenient, simple, and ensures the bouquet's freshness and beauty are preserved.

How to Order

Ordering a bouquet for mom at Urban Bloom is easier than ever. You can choose one of the ready-made options in our collection or contact us to create a personalized bouquet. Our florists are always ready to help you with the selection and discuss any individual wishes.

In Summary

Bouquets from Urban Bloom are not just flowers. They are stories of love, respect, and gratitude told through the language of floristry. Give your mom something truly special with Urban Bloom’s exclusive collection, where every bouquet says, "I love you, mom," with unbeatable prices and delivery options across Prague and the Czech Republic.