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Flowers and Bouquets for Dad

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In the world of floristry, creating bouquets for men is a special art that requires a delicate understanding and skill. Urban Bloom proudly presents a unique collection of flowers for dad, crafted to express respect, gratitude, and love for the most important men in our lives.

Inspiration and Style

At Urban Bloom, we believe that every dad deserves special attention and a unique approach. Our collection of bouquets for dad boldly combines classic masculinity with modern floral trends, offering compositions that simultaneously express strength, respect, and warmth.

Masculine Accents

The choice of flowers and the design of bouquets for dad at Urban Bloom are characterized by masculine accents and rich colors. We use plants such as eustoma, anthurium, calla lilies, and orchids, complemented by greenery and decorative elements that highlight strength and resilience.


Every dad is unique, and we strive to reflect this in our bouquets. Urban Bloom offers full customization of your gift, allowing you to create a bouquet that perfectly matches the character and preferences of your dad. Our experienced florists are ready to turn your ideas into reality, creating truly individual compositions.

Convenience and Care in Delivery

Understanding that in today's world, it's not always possible to give the gift in person, Urban Bloom offers a remote delivery service for bouquets for dad throughout Prague and the Czech Republic. Your gift will be carefully packed in an aquabox, ensuring its freshness and beauty upon receipt.

How to Order

Choosing and ordering a bouquet for dad at Urban Bloom is a simple and pleasant process. You can select a favorite option from our collection or contact us to create a personalized composition. We are always happy to provide advice and assistance in choosing, making your gift truly unforgettable.


Bouquets for dad from Urban Bloom are more than just flowers. They are a way to say "thank you," "I respect you," and "I love you" without words. Give your dad a piece of your heart with a unique collection of bouquets, specially designed to express the warmest feelings and emotions, with the convenience of delivery in Prague and across the Czech Republic.