Does your partner like peonies?

Má vaše žena ráda pivoňky?

Did you know that the peony is the favorite flower of many women? It's no wonder. Peonies are tender, beautiful, fluffy, and aromatic flowers. Unfortunately, unlike roses, they are a seasonal summer flower and finding quality peonies at a good price out of season is a difficult task... But we have a solution for you - a subscription to peony bouquets for the whole year.

As part of the subscription, we will deliver a bouquet of peonies to the address you provide over 12 months. You can choose how often we deliver the bouquet - either 4 or 2 times a month.

Advantages of the subscription:

  • You have a fixed price for the whole year, regardless of the season
  • With each delivery, you receive a new variety of peonies along with detailed information about what makes it rare, where and how it was grown
  • You don't have to search and call flower shops during the holiday season

We pride ourselves on carefully selecting various types of beautiful and unusual peonies from verified growers. We meticulously pick each flower, ensuring the highest quality, and making sure that only the best specimens make it to your vase.

You no longer need to search everywhere for the perfect bouquet of peonies or settle for a limited selection. Instead, you will have a constant source of these wonderful flowers.

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